Blue Pillow Bead Necklace

Elk Collection

Brighten up any outfit with the Pillow Bead Long Necklace. Handmade from plantation timber, each bead has been gently carved into their rice shape and then dyed in vibrant tones. The surface of the beads are flattened which allows the light to catch and create the illusion of a variation in color. Due to the natural materials used to make this long wooden necklace, it is lightweight and easy to wear.

This necklace is 100% handmade. Crafted from sustainable plantation timber under the Go Green organization each piece is hand cut, shaped, dyed and then polished with a natural wax based product. The beads are strung on waxed cotton cord and the finished piece is extremely light. Handmade in Cebu, Philippines by a family owned workshop that have collaborated with Elk since 2004.

  • Drop: Approximately 44 cms
  • Avoid water and other liquids, do not store in direct sunlight.